We, at TSL, are invested in our clients’ success. We strive for 100% client satisfaction by originating, processing, and supplying them cotton at the right price, right time, and of the right quality.


Right Price

Through a widespread network of ginners and growers across India, we help our clients source their cotton at the right price. We share extensive market research on local and global supply & demand scenarios to help them make educated purchasing decisions. We also develop hedging strategies using financial derivatives that protect them from price fluctuations.


Right Time

We have built a strong and agile supply chain network to make sure our clients’ inventory needs are met at the right time. We have invested in logistics infrastructure such as warehouses and trucks which have helped us build a self-reliant supply chain. We develop customized inventory management solutions to help clients navigate the seasonality of cotton supply and ensure raw material availability throughout the year.


Right Quality

Each of our clients’ needs vary based on the products they manufacture. We spend time understanding our clients’ product mix so that we can supply the right quality of cotton needed to manufacture their products. Ranging from low staple 21 mm cotton used for manufacturing denim to long staple 30 mm used in high quality shirting fabrics, we cover the entire spectrum of cotton.

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